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French Translator Pro are experts in providing English to French and Spanish to French translation services for companies, professionals and institutions. We provide high-quality translations in several fields, including legal, business, sports and real estate documents. We know how important accuracy and quality are for document translation, which is why they are the number one priority for us in our work.

FAQs about translation

No, they are two different concepts. In Spain, when we refer to sworn translations, we are referring to translations that have to be submitted to official public bodies such as a court, a civil or commercial registry or any other type of government body. In France, sworn translations are translations that must be presented in a court.

Therefore, translations to be submitted to a Spanish government body must have been produced by a translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation. You can consult the list of sworn translators on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website..

Translations to be presented to a legal administrative body in France must have been produced by a traducteur expert judiciaire (legal expert translator) associated with a Cour d’appel (equivalent to the provincial courts in Spain). You can find a traducteur expert on the website of the professional association UNETICA.

French Translator Pro does not offer sworn translations directly. However, we work with several trusted sworn translators/experts judiciaires in both Spain and France who can provide this service if it is required.

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