Legal translation

What is legal translation?

Legal translation is a specialised field of translation that focuses on converting documents with legal content from one language into another.

This area encompasses the translation of documents written by legal experts and the transposition of specific legal concepts into another language, producing particular legal effects in the corresponding legal framework.

Why hire a specialist in legal translation?

In order to translate these types of texts, the Spanish to French or English to French legal translator must have full commandof the laws,  of the laws, vocabulary and the particular legal area both in the source language and in the target language.
As well as being a native speaker, the legal translator must be highly specialised in order to produce a translation that is  faithful to the original and one that is legally valid.

We have specialised in legal translation for over 10 years. We are well-versed in the intricacies of the legal systems of the source and target languages.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translation encompasses a wide variety of documents written by lawyers, as well as many other types of legal documents.

International Law Translation

  • International trade treaties.
  • International investment law, investor-State disputes and international arbitration awards (UNCITRAL, ICC, DIS, PCA and LCIA rules of arbitration).
  • International cooperation agreements.
  • Reports for international organisations, development banks and NGOs about civil wars, war crimes and natural resources to be used in international criminal courts.
  • Terms of reference and international government funding.

Family and Inheritance Law Translation

  • Wills.
  • Estates, inheritances and affidavits.
  • Rulings, court orders and appeals relating to family law in many jurisdictions (Spain, Argentina, England and Wales, Jersey, United States – Oregon, Florida, New York, California, Delaware, Maryland – Ireland, British Virgin Islands, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong).
  • Rulings on divorce, child support, spousal support and parental rights.
  • Marriage contracts.

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Civil Law Translation

  • Movable property deeds of sale.
  • Copyright and intellectual property procedures.
  • Notarial powers-of-attorney.
  • Stock pledge agreements.
  • Loan agreements.

Commercial Law Translation

  • Rulings, court orders and appeals relating to commercial law in many jurisdictions (Spain, Argentina, England and Wales, Jersey, United States – Oregon, Florida, New York, California, Delaware, Maryland – Ireland, British Virgin Islands, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong).
  • Commercial contracts, see the section on Business

Procedural Law Translation

  • Expert legal opinions.
  • Experts’ reports.

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FAQs about legal translation

No, they are two different concepts. In Spain, when we refer to sworn translations, we are referring to translations that have to be submitted to official public bodies such as a court, a civil or commercial registry or any other type of government body. In France, sworn translations are translations that must be presented in a court.

Therefore, translations to be submitted to a Spanish government body must have been produced by a translator certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation. You can consult the list of sworn translators on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website..

Translations to be presented to a legal administrative body in France must have been produced by a traducteur expert judiciaire (legal expert translator) associated with a Cour d’appel (equivalent to the provincial courts in Spain). You can find a traducteur expert on the website of the professional association UNETICA.

French Translator Pro does not offer sworn translations directly. However, we work with several trusted sworn translators/experts judiciaires in both Spain and France who can provide this service if it is required.

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