Sports translation

What is sports translation?

In the area of sports translation, we focus on translating sports-related documents into French.

This area of expertise encompasses a wide variety of texts, ranging from editorial and journalistic content to official competition regulations, contracts of professional athletes and broadcasting agreements for large-scale events.

Why hire a specialist in sports translation?

The primary reason is that, when working with top-level clients, a sports translator specialising in Spanish to French and English to French translation must have a perfect command of sports-specific terminology, rules and regulations, as well as sports culture in general.
Given the growing importance of sport as a sector of the economy and as a social phenomenon, a specialised sports translator must also have knowledge of other areas such as law, economics, finance, marketing and international relations.
Employing an expert in sports translation guarantees a high-quality and accurate translation that meets the specific needs of this continuously evolving field.

Sports Translation Services

In the sphere of sports translation and translation for sporting events, we have been translating a wide range of texts for federations, sponsors and betting platforms, among others, since 2013.

Translation for international sports federations

  • International sports federations’ in-house reports
  • Activities of internal committees and boards
  • Communications with affiliated national federations
  • Competition regulations and formats
  • Competition handbooks for national federations
  • Insurance schemes for international federations
  • Regulations and handbooks for referees and judges
  • International calendar strategies
  • Laws of the game
  • Editorial content for internal communication channels

Translation for large events organisation committees

  • Hosting agreements
  • Government guarantees
  • Training site agreements
  • Host stadium agreements
  • Host city agreements

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Translation for sponsors and broadcasting rights

  • Broadcasting agreements
  • Valuation of TV rights
  • Hospitality agreements
  • Event sponsorship agreements
  • Loan contracts

Translation for Clubs, Teams and Athletes

  • Match organisation agreements
  • Manager and executive recruitment procedures (introduction letters, CVs and interviews)
  • Press releases
  • Stadium rental agreements
  • Sports consultancy agreements
  • Financial proposals
  • Professional athletes contracts

Translation for sports betting platforms

  • Betting rules by sport and by country
  • General terms of use

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