Real Estate translation

What is Real Estate translation?

Real estate translation includes the translation of documents related to the operation, sale and purchase or rental of property.

In an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, these translations are essential for our clients to communicate fluently and naturally with their customers and business partners who do not speak the same language.

Why hire a specialist in real estate translation?

It is crucial to work with experienced translators specialised in this area in order to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that all parties perfectly understand the terms of an agreement.
A professional translator with expertise in this field must have full command of the regulations and the practices applicable to the real estate sector, so first-hand experience in this business is perhaps even more important than in any other.

Real Estate translation

Through our experience as a Real Estate translator, French Translator Pro is able to provide the highest level of service and guarantee an accurate translation.

Property management and sale

  • Deeds of sale
  • Property management agreements
  • Property leasing deeds
  • Right-to-buy rental contracts
  • Residential leases of apartments and units in multi-family rental housing (condominium)
  • International resorts membership contracts

Offices, co-working spaces and commercial premises

  • Contracts for the construction of office buildings
  • Commercial premises lease agreements
  • Commercial premises lease transfer agreement
  • Marketing presentations of co-working spaces


  • Business strategies for investment funds
  • Real estate service agreements
  • Commercial offering of real estate servicers
  • International disputes over new build developments
  • Other property-related disputes

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